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Lockdown Transformation

Posted by emma cook on

Frenchic Paints

Transform your home with Frenchic paints!

A lovely customer, Amanda, gave her kitchen a makeover using Al Fresco Inside/Outside Range colours of 'Dusky Blush' 'Dazzle Me!' and 'Blackjack' and she's over the moon!

I can see why, and 2k members in our Fan Forum are wowed too, as what a difference! Amanda painted her kitchen cupboards in Dusky Blush and Dazzle Me!, the tiles in Dazzle Me! and the edge of her worktop in Blackjack and even her toaster! Frenchic’s Al Fresco Inside/Outside Range needs no primer, is self levelling (so little to no brushmarks) and is self-sealing requiring zero sealant as it's totally waterproof. A minimal prep is required of a good clean using sugarsoap, a slight scuffing with sandpaper to 'key' the paint and away you go!

The paint will cure to a hard as nails finish and will be fully washable. Join nearly 200K other fans in our Frenchic Fan Forum and see literally thousands of makeovers of anything you can think of as our members proudly show us what they have Frenchic'd!

Here's the link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/TheFrenchicFanForum/


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